About the photographer

Harry Hinkle

Photographer Harry Hinkle is based in Lexington, Kentucky. In his work, he prefers the emotions, moods, and mystery that black and white images create.

"Black and white photography does more to evoke an emotion and freeze a moment in time than any other medium," Hinkle explains. "Emotions are always much easier to portray in black and white, because of the stark contrasts and the sharp focus on the subject."

He has recently collaborated with author Jonathan Montaldo, on The Landscape of Contemplation: A Pilgrimage to Thomas Merton's Gethemani, published by University of Kentucky Press.

In 1982 Hinkle traveled to Spain for a three year apprenticeship with famed portrait photographer Amalico de Vries. This began a long term friendship that no doubt would have continued until today if not for Amalico's tragic and fatal bull fighting injury in 2003.

Eine Kleine Photograph Gallery, Covington, Kentucky
Alternative Jewelry Gallery, Nicholasville, Kentucky

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