1793: The social and political climate at
the time the Ebenezer Church was organized.

In the newly born United States, Revolutionary War hero George Washington was serving as the nation's first president.

In France, Napoleon Bonaparte was promoted to Brigadier General after distinguishing himself in a naval battle against a british fleet.


In Vienna, Ludwig Von Beethoven was developing his musical composition skills under the tutelage of composer Joseph Haydn.

Battle of Blue Licks, Kentucky 1782

The American Experiment brought the promise of religious freedom. As settlers poured into the newly formed states like Kentucky, they set up log meeting houses, which served as the earliest churches.

In 1793, Kentucky, was still reeling from the defeat at Blue Licks, the last battle of the Revolutionary War. The threat of Indian attack, although less frequent, was still a real possibility. In spite of this, there was a missionary zeal on the frontier, and the formation of churches like Ebenezer was inevitable.

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Frontier Revivalism

Ebenezer Presbyterian Church
Organized 1793
Jessamine County, Kentucky

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